Finances are difficult. Don’t go at it alone.

Simple and intuitive visuals of your finances to keep you focused on what you do best.

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Introducing Pulse AI,

Your Virtual CFO for Financial Mastery

Are you a founder with no background in finance, struggling to understand your business’s financials?

Pulse AI seamlessly connects with your accounting software, providing instant metrics and interactive forecasts. Don’t just understand your data. Take control of it.

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Cash Balance Timeline

Dive deep into your financial history and gain crystal-clear insights into your future. Comprehend your fiscal trajectory with unparalleled clarity.


AI Companion

Experience the next generation of financial guidance with our AI-powered digital CFO. Get precise, personalized advice tailored to your unique financial landscape, available round the clock.


Cutting-Edge Forecasting

Benefit from the cutting-edge financial models developed by our team of Ph.D. researchers. Transform uncertainty into confidence with accurate, science-driven forecasting.

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Your money insights catered for your business.

Stay up to date on your business’s financial health with our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Get insights on top expenses, runway, and more.

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